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Alfred Hitchcock and the visuals of movie making – Strangers on a Train

Hitchcock was a classical technician in controlling his visuals, and his use of screen space underlined the tension in ways the audience is not always aware of. He always used the convention that the left side of the screen is … Continue reading

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RIP Michael Ballhaus

As Bill Cutforth pointed out yesterday prior to the screening of Broadcast News, Michael Ballhaus, 3 time nominated cinematographer passed away on April 12.  Although not winning any Oscars he won many awards worldwide for his work.  He was the … Continue reading

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Arthur Miller – Director of Photography

Arthur was known as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished lighting cameramen, a master at black and white cinematography.  With 7 Oscar nominations resulting in 3 awards.  He worked exclusively at Fox Films and today we’ll watch The Gunfighter, his second … Continue reading

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Lumiere Brothers

While in Lyon, France we visited the Lumiere Museum on the site where cinematography was born, the museum presents the story of the Lumière Brothers’ inventions thanks to projections and interactive features on four floors of the Château Lumière, the … Continue reading

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Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening – Frank Capra, Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman

As many of you know, I’ve been reading Capra’s autobiography “The Name Above the Title”.  I’m more convinced than ever, he is the greatest director of all time and I might conceive of a film series dedicated to his film … Continue reading

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From Harold Lloyd to Laurel & Hardy and the Our Gang Comedies

Only Max Sennet rivaled him A comedy impresario’s legacy of laughs . . . Hal Roach click here

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Australian Film’s Golden Age . . .

The legacy of Australian director Charles Chauvel is finally being celebrated click here

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D Scott Easton

A big thanks to D Scott Easton for coming to class to tell us about his career in film.  Working as an extra, Asst Director and Production Manager with everyone you can imagine in film over the last 35 years, … Continue reading

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One of the most critical processes in the making of a movie is editing.  The compiling together of the scenes, sound and music is really what makes a film successful in my mind.  The cutting during a scene to give … Continue reading

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