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Lee Marvin on John Ford and John Wayne

After showing The Shootist last week, I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.  It was the first collaboration between Wayne and Stewart.  It was Lee Marvin who stole the show playing the bad dude Liberty Valence. Here’s an interview … Continue reading

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Deborah Kerr – many nominations, no oscars

Last night we watched “The Sundowners” with Robert Mitchum, Kerr and Peter Ustinov.  Directed by Fred Zinneman.  The film was made in 1960 and might have been one of the first glimpses of Australia that many Americans ever saw.  Mitchum … Continue reading

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Guerrilla film making during Seven Days in May . . . and a little about John Houseman

In an early example of guerrilla film making, during the filming of Seven Days in May, John Frankenheimer filmed Martin Balsam being ferried out to the super carrier USS Kitty Hawk, berthed at Naval Air Station North Island in San … Continue reading

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