All About Eve

On Wednesday, Jan 25 at the Palm Theatre, we’ll kick off a short 4 film series highlighting Daryl Zanuck’s accomplishments as a producer.  Wednesday’s film will be “All About Eve”, directed by Joseph Mankiewicz (Ben’s uncle), starring Betty Davis, Ann Baxter and George Sanders and many others with a bit part for a new actress, Marilyn Monroe.  The film garnered 14 Academy awards, a record to this day.

You can still buy a subscription to the series for $32 at the door or pay for single showings for $10.

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Daryl Zanuck

The Producer!!!  Over 249 IMDB credits.  No one has had more impact on film since 1928 than Daryl Zanuck.  He’s produced some of the most iconic films ever, including All About Eve which was the first film to receive 14 Oscar nominations, only one other film has accomplished such acclaim . . . Titanic.  He was an associate producer for “The Jazz Singer” with Al Jolson too.

The next series of 4 films will focus on Zancuk, what the producer does and 4 of his films:

All About Eve, The Gunfighter, Lifeboat and The Longest Day

Come for the first film on Wednesday January 25 at 12:30pm at the Palm Theatre in SLO.  All 4 films for $32 payable at the door or single admissions $10.

One of his earliest films, “The Terror” in 1928 as “talkies” were just appearing.  I’ve not seen the film but found this review which starts off as a sort of bad review but seems to get better as one reads it.  The review is an early review of talkies too.

click here to read the review

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Lumiere Brothers

While in Lyon, France we visited the Lumiere Museum on the site where cinematography was born, the museum presents the story of the Lumière Brothers’ inventions thanks to projections and interactive features on four floors of the Château Lumière, the home of Antoine, father of the two famous inventors.

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Love Actually – maybe the best Christmas movie ever

The website threefiftyeight is an analytical website.  They use data to analyze all sorts of things and it’s easy to understand.  I enjoy checking it out every now and then and was delighted when they decided to look at Love Actually to discover which characters are central to the story, etc.  It’s interesting

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Magnificent Seven redeux

So there’s a remake of the Magnificent Seven?  Hmmmmm, not sure I am interested as I’m so attached to McQueen, Brynner, et al that I don’t want confusion but I do want to watch “Seven Samurai” on the big screen someday, don’t you?

Akira Kurosawa is one of the masters of film.  Here’s great article on why Seven Samurai is a masterpiece.

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The Best Years of Our Lives – 70th Anniversary

Today’s LA Times has a nice piece on Harold Russell, the star of the film who received two Oscars for the same film, today.  Many consider it to be one of the most popular films of all time.

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Fat Guys at the Movies

If you get a chance to listen to KVEC on Saturdays you might hear Kevin Carr who hosts Fat Guys at the Movies.  When I first heard the show I thought he was a local and would have had him come talk to the class but nope, he’s an outoftowner.

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