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Film Noir Poetry

We’re sure it’s a win when the rushes fade in, showing him and me. There isn’t a clue what we’re planning, we two; it’s a mystery We shoot in the light, but it’s all day for night with this movie … Continue reading

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Daryl Zanuck documentary

I haven’t been able to find anything on a DVD but this 20 minute YouTube video ought to do the job. Click here

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Romance and Cigarettes

With an all star cast, written and directed by John Turturro, this film is a musical and a thought provoking look at life through the lens of some very down and out people in NY. Quirky but wonderful

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The greatest play in baseball

So now that you’re all thinking about baseball in the movies, here’s a video I found that will bring back some memories if you’re Dodgers fans, or if you haven’t seen you’ll be proud of one Dodger! click here

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Credits – my take

Last night we saw The Man Who Knew Infinity, we really liked it.  But during the opening sequence the director decided to run many of the credits  . . . .  we can’t watch both, so I feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Film Noir class update

Well, that was fun yesterday!  We all weren’t convinced that Stranger on the Third Floor was noir because of the way it ended . . . . all nice and happy.  But it was a beginning to a journey through … Continue reading

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the Fifties of the Central Coast

Since we are going to be embarking on Film Noir, which was the 4os and the 50s, I thought you might find this look back at SLO click here

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