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The Thin Man

I watched After the Thin Man last night and once again laughed at the gags, pratfalls and overall humor of the film while at the same time trying to figure out “who dunnit”.  Myrna Loy and William Powell have such … Continue reading

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Magnificent Seven redeux

So there’s a remake of the Magnificent Seven?  Hmmmmm, not sure I am interested as I’m so attached to McQueen, Brynner, et al that I don’t want confusion but I do want to watch “Seven Samurai” on the big screen … Continue reading

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Eight Men Out and Judge Kenesaw Landis

Today’s film was an interesting and historically accurate look at the times when baseball was in it’s infancy and corruptible.  Bad behavior of owners created player revolts and the temptation to take bribes was the result. The owners brought in … Continue reading

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Deborah Kerr – many nominations, no oscars

Last night we watched “The Sundowners” with Robert Mitchum, Kerr and Peter Ustinov.  Directed by Fred Zinneman.  The film was made in 1960 and might have been one of the first glimpses of Australia that many Americans ever saw.  Mitchum … Continue reading

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Seven Days in May and Paths of Glory

We watched Seven Days in May (1964) last night with Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster and I couldn’t help but notice that George Macready played a senior politician who confronts a rogue general (Douglas) about the perceived threat of a … Continue reading

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Film making might have just moved to a new high . . . Birdman

I saw this film last weekend with much trepidation as the trailer wasn’t too convincing for me but I was intrigued with the possibility that director Alejandro González Iñárritu might be up to something better than his already impressive credentials … Continue reading

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Smiles of a Summer Night review

Toni and I watched this movie last night and were very happy we did.  While story is complex, the direction, camera and lighting were magnificent.  It’s easy to see how this film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.  There is an … Continue reading

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