Films about the west, cowboys, buffaloes, indians, infnatry, rustling cattle;  Roy Rogers, Hoot Gibson, Tom Hix, Clint Eastwood, Barbara Stanwyck, John Wayne, Shelly Winters, John Huston, John Ford . . . . the list goes on of the great who’ve made and appeared in westerns.  We’ll watch 6 films during the series beginning on April 18 at the Palm Theatre in SLO.

The hardest part of this process (picking the final six) is narrowing down the list of great films to just a few.

Here are the titles of films on the short list, if you have an opinion, let me know.

Destry Rides Again ’39
Winchester 73 ’50
The Plainsman ’36
Ride the High Country ’62
Four Faces West ’48
Last Train from Gun Hill
My Darling Clementine ’46
The Good The Bad The Ugly ’67
Forty Guns ’57
The Unforgiven ’46
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