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Rififi inspired by Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle instigated the crime thriller subgenre of caper films. The 1955 French film Rififi, which critics such as Leonard Maltin have labeled as the best heist film ever, drew much inspiration from The Asphalt Jungle.

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Your Favorite Film Noir Poll

Pick the film that you’d most like to see on June 22, the bonus film noir day.  Originally I was going to make this a choice for neo noir but decided to make for the traditional film noir . . … Continue reading

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Credits – my take

Last night we saw The Man Who Knew Infinity, we really liked it.  But during the opening sequence the director decided to run many of the credits  . . . .  we can’t watch both, so I feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Out of the Past . . . tomorrow at 12:30pm at the Palm Theatre

Out of the Past has all of the characteristics of film noir: a flashback structure, voiceover narration, a femme fatale, an urban setting, a private detective, an anti-hero, crime, a mood of cynicism and pessimism, corruption, moral ambiguity, fatalism, violence and brutality, erotic … Continue reading

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Chinese film industry update

I couldn’t help but notice a story in the most recent Economist about the state of the Chinese film industry . . . get this: China’s box-office reevnues shot up by nearly 50% on a year earlier in 2015, to … Continue reading

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