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Man of the Year

We had a good time yesterday watching the Barry Levinson directed film.  He’s a master.  And of course, watching Robin Williams.  As someone noted, you never know when he’s on the script or improvising, either way, he’s very entertaining.  The … Continue reading

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People as me all the time why I don’t post my videos to YouTube and it’s simple, the best video creators post theirs to Vimeo, if you want to have some fun watching videos, check out this one and then … Continue reading

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Production Design

Movie goers tend to focus on actors and scripts, directors and camera work but they might also want to consider “production design”.  That covers everything you see that’s not actors or lighting  . .  the set!!!  One of the best … Continue reading

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100 Best and Memorable Lines in history

If you want to watch some of the most memorable and best lines in film history watch this film. click here

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