Today at the Palm with Laurel and Hardy, Hope and Crosby

Lots of fun today watching The Music Box and The Road to Morocco.  Pratfalls, gags, looking at and talking to the audience (or referring to the audience), silliness, special effects to bring laughter and comedic timing were evident in both films.  I found the following funny lines or gags:

1 the exchanging of hats between Stan and Ollie

2 I’m not a horse, it’s just the way I comb my hair . . . Hope

3 Hope playing with a yo yo in one scene, saying “she’s only done 9 (referring to fingernails) and Crosby says, “she can do other 3 later”

4 the camel looks at the audience and says “This is the screwiest picture I’ve ever seen.”

5 “Get out, when they’re dead they’re dead.”  “Not Aunt Lucy, she was a Republican. ”

I found that the desert of ‘Morocco‘ is actually the Imperial Sand Dunes in Buttercup Valley, south of I-8, just to the west of Yuma, way down in southern California toward the Arizona border.

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