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Take the Money and Run – Woody Allen’s directorial debut

here are two reviews from subscribers at From blackmail, to murder plots, to life on a chain-gang, to committing just about every petty crime in the book, Take The Money and Run, which clearly showcases Woody Allen’s signature atheist/pinko … Continue reading

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Laurel and Hardy . . . . highlight reel

click here

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Film Archives and rare films

Interesting story in today’s LA Times about the increasing possibility of having access to rare films from archives of Warner Brothers and other studios. click here

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Why do we laugh? How laughter works?

I found a good article on the subject of laughter and wanted to share it with you. click here to visit the link and learn about “why we laugh”

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Night at the Opera revisited in one photo

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Why do we laugh?

here’s a cool video that tries to explain it click here  

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Today at the Palm with Laurel and Hardy, Hope and Crosby

Lots of fun today watching The Music Box and The Road to Morocco.  Pratfalls, gags, looking at and talking to the audience (or referring to the audience), silliness, special effects to bring laughter and comedic timing were evident in both … Continue reading

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