What’s funny?

The debate rages on.  My wife doesn’t think Monty Python is funny, I do.  Maybe it’s a British thing, what do you say, do you think British humor is funny? . . . . think Peter Sellers, Mr. Bean, Black Adder, Michael Caine.  Maybe it’s Mel Brooks that does it for you.  Or is it slapstick like the Three Stooges or Richard Dreyfuss.  I thought Soupy Sales was hilarious and never missed one of his TV shows.

One thing I know is that one must want to laugh, have a genuine disposition to be pleased and if everyone else is laughing and you’re not, well maybe, you might want to ask yourself “Am I missing something?”.

We’ll find out more on the subject of comedy soon.

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One Response to What’s funny?

  1. mizdak@charter.net says:

    I’m a huge monty python fan. three stuges, not so much.

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