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Bedtime Story

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a hilarious match up with Steve Martin and Michael Caine, two con men doing their thing and to and in competition to each other until a cute little con woman arrives.  But it’s a remake of … Continue reading

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Ben Mankiewicz – the other guy on TCM

Maybe you’ve wondered who he is?  With a familiar last name he must be important.  He was here when Citizen Kane was shown at the Hearst Castle a few years ago and we got to talk with him a little. … Continue reading

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Directing Style – John Frankenheimer

The director of Seven Days in May considered the scene in which Kirk Douglas’s character visits the president to be a masterful scene of acting which would have been technically very difficult for most actors to sustain. John Frankenheimer had … Continue reading

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Guerrilla film making during Seven Days in May . . . and a little about John Houseman

In an early example of guerrilla film making, during the filming of Seven Days in May, John Frankenheimer filmed Martin Balsam being ferried out to the super carrier USS Kitty Hawk, berthed at Naval Air Station North Island in San … Continue reading

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