Thank you to everyone who attended a film this year at the Palm Theatre in SLO

And especially to you, who subscribed to one of the film appreciation series Toni and I put on during 2014.  First there was the Coming to America series which began last January with films about the people who made the effort to become American citizens like “America, America”, then there was the series with FOOD as a theme, how can we forget Tampopo, The Trip or Big Night.  Then we finished with 10 films from the 1950s, Jailhouse Rock, Bad Day at Black Rock, The King and I, Roman Holiday and more.  I could have easily shown 10 more from the 1950s and might do so in 2015.  It’s fun to show these classic films on the big screen and have discussions about technique, style and history of film and the era when the films were made.

Thank you all for making it happen and I look forward to seeing you during 2015.

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