Swedish Cinema of the 50s

I was reading David Brooks of the NY Times this morning and found an exchange between him and another NYT columnist, Gail Collins.

Gail: I was asking because my don’t-make-readers-suicidal goal has gotten harder to achieve lately. Geesh, I’ve never seen so much bad news. I’m hoping you’ll inspire me to be upbeat.

David: I know exactly how you feel. Things are so bad I’ve been turning to Swedish cinema from the 1950s to cheer myself up.

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One Response to Swedish Cinema of the 50s

  1. Linda Brownson says:

    HI Craig–watched Fanny and Alexander last night–what a lush photography–sure made the Bishop’s Swedish relatives out to be monsters–not sure I want to claim my Swedish heritage after watching this movie–sorry I can’t make next week’s film either..guess holiday time is ramping up at the Outlet–hugs, Linda

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