The Hollywood Ten

The blacklist of the 1940s through the 1950s was a culmination of persons under suspicion from the United States government of an affiliation with the Communist Party. The list, used to bar the persons from employment, served to be effective in servicing the paranoia of American citizens already amplified by the McCarthy trials. Among many companies and communities who were serviced by the blacklist or were affiliated in the blacklisting of its members, none were more infamous than the Hollywood community. In the time of the Red Scare and after, the members of Hollywood known as the “Hollywood Ten” were seen as untrustworthy and accused of placing subliminal messaging containing pro-communist propaganda.

The Ten

  • Alvah Bessie, screenwriter
  • Herbert Biberman, screenwriter and director
  • Lester Cole, screenwriter
  • Edward Dmytryk, director
  • Ring Lardner Jr., screenwriter
  • John Howard Lawson, screenwriter
  • Albert Maltz, screenwriter
  • Samuel Ornitz, screenwriter
  • Adrian Scott, producer and screenwriter
  • Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter
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