Techniscope and deep staging

Sergio Leone, considered by many to be the greatest of the 1960’s Italian directors, exploited techniscope by using a technique known as deep staging.  You can see it in Fistful of Dollars where the camera is at ground level and close to an actor’s boot which is in focus and also focused on a building far away.  This technique was bold at the time, audiences had not seen it before

Techniscope or 2-Perf is a 35mm motion picture camera film format introduced by Technicolor Italia in 1963.[1] The Techniscope format uses a two film-perforation negative pulldown per frame, instead of the standard four-perforation frame usually exposed in 35mm film photography. Techniscope’s 2.33:1 aspect ratio is easily cropped to the 2.39:1 widescreen ratio,[2] because it uses half the amount of 35mm film stock and standard spherical lenses. Thus, Techniscope release prints are made by anamorphosizing and enlarging each frame by a factor of two.

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