In America notes

In America notes

Arial is narrating as they enter their new apartment building in NY and refers to the man who screams . . . . referring Mateo     –        opening the door to their apartment with all the locks, Arial says, “it’s like Fort Knox”      –    when Johnny is auditioning, he speaks his lines in several accents finishing with British but the director tells him “acting is more than accents”     –      it’s hot in Manhattan in the summer and the air conditioner works for a short while then blows out the breakers of the building, so they “go to the movies, where it’s cool” and see ET . . . which becomes a connection through the balance of the film . . . coming home      –        the family walking through the fun zone is beautifully shot and edited and of course the tension building in Johnny’s attempt to win an ET stuffed animal      –      when Johnny’s playing hide and go seek with Arial and Christy, he says “there’s no where you can hide that I won’t find you” with a subtext that he’ll always be there for them        –        one particularly beautiful shot is from outside the ice cream store / malt shop looking into the shop with the rain storm going on and the water streams down the window and the girls sitting there watching the world outside      –      Christy says “you don’t ask in America, you demand”       –       as the girls are considering going into Mateo’s apartment the first time, who wasn’t afraid for them? and when Mateo tells them that he “must treat them or they’ll trick him” was a very interesting way of explaining Halloween      –       “when luck comes to your door, you can’t turn it away”

there are two films going on . . . Christy’s and Jim Sheridan’s and many times they are inter-cut with each other     –      Johnny says to Mateo, “do you want to be in my place?” and Mateo says, “sure” the subtext is that Mateo has HIV and is dying and despite all of Johnny’s problems, they are nothing in comparison    –     Arial sings “Desperado” which has always had a great meaning to me in so many ways . . . . . with the ending lyric being “it may be raining but there’s a rainbow above you, you better let somebody love you before it’s too late”

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