Notes from “Moscow on the Hudson”

The scene in Moscow where Vladimir takes his girlfriend to his friend, Anatoly’s apartment so they can have sex reminded me of The Apartment.

Has anyone in the class had the experience of leaving a place with family to go somewhere knowing you’d never see them or the place again?  What about any similar type of experience where you knew that there was a high probability that you’d never return?  If so remember the anxiety, fear, sense of loss and excitement about the decision.

The scene where Vladimir is traveling on the bus and he sees all the activities on the streets in various neighborhoods was a short homage to Manhattan with some nice music ala Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” opening but more focused.

When the circus group is being entertained at a party in NY and as Robin Williams walks up to the bar a girl is ordering a “black russian”.

The bus that the circus group is being shuttled around on has “Liberty Tours” on the side.

Someone says that his first pair of American shoes were made in Italy.

The scene where Vladimir is practicing his saxophone in the animal stalls, with silhouettes of various animals was nicely framed and thought out.

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