America America notes

here are my notes from watching the first 30 minutes with the comments playing.  I distributed copies in at the Palm today.

he’s always interest in “you”         breaks the 4th wall . . . Kazan introduces himself to the audience

 story is his uncle’s (and his own) process to come to America         Kazan created the Actor’s Studio where the style of method acting was developed and taught – the actor always has an inner dialogue      America, America involves characters with deep inner conflicts

Stavros grandmother is a black actor from NY, she’s alone in the wild and tough but he loves her and listens to herlisten for NY accents – Kazan doesn’t care as he wants the actor’s emotions more than a correct accent        objects are symbolic . . . shoes (and important motif)

the dubbing is something to get over, Kazan said that if he had it to do over, he would have dubbed the entire film like Fellini did

quiet scenes with quit cuts to chaotic scenes          Kazan wants us to see and experience authenticity

lots of contrasts, high and low camera angles, hot and cold, black and white, realism and expressionism, etc     the film feels like a foreign film but it’s not

Conflict is a powerful force in the film . . . all powerful father.  Stavros loves and disapproves of his father       lots of texture . . . Kazan wants the film to have a quality of legend

the musical score is important to create the sense of legend        almost feels like a documentary – Haskell Wexler, cinematographer  1st big budget film        the actor’s faces are real             the film is delivered in chapters  1st moves quickly

the importance of Honor         the landscape is very important . . . most of the film was shot in Greece not Turkey due to the Turks kicking the crew out as they perceived that they were not making the Turks look good

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