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Classic Hollywood

for some good reading about the movies, you can’t do much better than the LA Times Classic Hollywood blog . . . currently there’s post on the evolution of Chaplin’s “Tramp” click here

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America America notes

here are my notes from watching the first 30 minutes with the comments playing.  I distributed copies in at the Palm today. he’s always interest in “you”         breaks the 4th wall . . . Kazan introduces himself to the audience … Continue reading

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Method Acting

Today’s movie, America America, directed by Elia Kazan demonstrates, like all his other films the power of method acting, a group of techniques actors use to create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop … Continue reading

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The Big Screen, The Story of the Movies by David Thomson

I received this book for Christmas and I am really enjoying it, I’d call it a companion piece to the “Story of Film, an Odyssey” the 15 episode DVD collection which was on TCM last year.  “. . . it’s … Continue reading

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Shower scene in Psycho notes

It took 70 camera angles to make the 45 second scene and you never see the knife cut Janet Leigh.

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