All is Lost – my review

  1. Robert Redford is a great actor . . . he did everything he was asked of and more but I wonder why he or others didn’t comprehend the following
  2. why bother to put the jib up during a storm, very risky behavior
  3. why doesn’t he ever wear gloves?  he’s clearly fair skinned so gloves would protect from sun and injury
  4. the continuity of the sea is rarely accurate . . . always a problem when shooting at sea but this was shot in a very controlled environment down in Mexico at Rosarito studios . . . . someone should have been paying attention
  5. we never see him shiver
  6. he gets tossed overboard and once back on board he seems to be concerned about rain falling on him when he adjusts his raingear
  7. what was the point of going up the mast other than to show the audience he can do it?
  8. the best scene is when he’s deploying the life raft
  9. where did all that resin come from to repair the boat?  he didn’t have enough
  10. the audience is very happy when the storm is over but he’s still in a very bad predicament
  11. why bother to learn how to navigate (one wonders why someone alone sailing out in the ocean doesn’t already know how to do this but what good is it if you can’t maneuver the boat?)
  12. we don’t see him drink water until almost one hour into the film . . . strange since water is essential for life
  13. he takes way too long to treat his head wound
  14. I wondered whether he yelled “fuck” because of his character’s predicament or his own frustration with making the movie
  15. why in the world doesn’t he wear sunglasses . . . . he never respects the sun
  16. when he puts the message in the bottle, he holds onto it for a long time which I think is poignant and then I wondered if what he wrote was what we heard him say at the beginning of the movie
  17. how does he hold his breath and then find the strength to swim back to the surface . . . that was far fetched
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One Response to All is Lost – my review

  1. We take it that “All is Lost” will not make your 2013 top ten list?
    W & D

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