Peter O’Toole, Joan Fontaine and Tom Laughlin pass away

They say things happen in threes.  Well, the passing of Peter O’Toole was bound to happen but the reality of it still shocks.  I recently watched Lawrence of Arabia and it’s only one of so many great performances by O’Toole.  There are two good articles in today’s LA Times Dennis McLellan

Kenneth Turan

But the staggering note that isn’t online is the roles he lost to other for Oscars

1962 Lawrence of Arabia, lost to Gregory Peck for To Kill a Mockingbird; 1963 Becket, lost to Rex Harrison for My Fair Lady; 1968 The Lion in Winter, lost to Cliff Robertson for Charly; 1969 Goodbye, Mr. Chips, lost to John Wayne for True Grit; 1972 The Ruling Class, lost to Marlon Brando for The Godfather; 1980 The Stunt Man, lost to Robert DeNiro for Raging Bull; 1982 My Favorite Year, lost to Ben Kingsley for Ghandi; 2006 Venus, lost to Forest Whittaker for The Last King of Scotland . . . . this last nomination came after he was given an honorary oscar in 2003 which he said he didn’t want because he still had a lot of good acting still in him.   Amazing actor and who will ever forget ?

Joan Fontaine . . . Olivia de Havilland’s sister . . . . what an acting duo!

Tom Laughlin . . . Billy Jack


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