Duel in the Sun next week with guest speaker

Next week we’ll watch the King Vidor directed, David O. Seznick produced film Duel in the Sun and have guest speaker D. Scott Easton tell us about his career in film working as an Assistant Director and Production Manager.

here’s what one reviewer said of the film   “This movie is like a painting by an old master that hangs in a museum–we may not be moved by it, but we can still appreciate the artistry. Its most notable feature is the director, King Vidor, master of silent film making. As you might expect, many of the important scenes have little or no dialog.”

from what I can gather reading Pauline Kael’s comments . . . . she liked it, “set in Texas, it’s a lavish, sensual spectacle, so heightened it becomes a carton of passion . . “

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One Response to Duel in the Sun next week with guest speaker

  1. Linda Brownson says:

    Hi Craig–I am actually going to make this one as I don’t work til 5pm that day. look forward to seeing you and the film. Linda

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