How Green Was My Valley

Voted the best picture of 1941, John Ford’s epic film about a coal mining family in Wales was shot in Malibu due to the inability to film in Wales becasue of the war efforts in Britain.  The movie was the film debut for Maureen O’Hara and Master Roddy McDowall.  Donald Crisp won an oscar in support.  William Wyler was originally hired to direct but was replaced by Ford.It’s a film about family and a historical film based on he novel is set in South Wales in the reign of Queen Victoria. It tells the story of the Morgans, a respectable mining family of the South Wales Valleys, through the eyes of the youngest son, Huw Morgan (McDowall).  The timeframe of the story is in the late 1800s we all determined but I can’t find any evidence of it.



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One Response to How Green Was My Valley

  1. Warren Wulzen says:

    I went back and read the 1941 NY Times review, which praised the acting and sets, but questioned the episodic nature of the script (apparently this is similar to the book’s structure) which downplayed the dramatic highlights. There was a general mines strike in Wales in1927, but after a few weeks the strike collapsed with no gains. Also, the Presbyterian Welsh church in LA which supplied the chorus had to close last year due to dwindling patronage. No tears in my eyes for this one; Bing and company were much more successful pulling the heart strings and squeezing the tear ducts.

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