Movie review . . . . Gravity

I normally don’t review movies here but after seeing Gravity in 3D I cannot resist in saying it’s a turning point in film.  The story is funny, intense, dramatic and gut wrenching and a little vague but the cinematography is what really makes this movie special.  Avatar was a grand attempt at making 3D special but Gravity really takes 3D to new ground and allows the viewer to “almost sense weightlessness and outer-space.”  I’ve not seen anything like it before, whatever special effects you’ve seen in the past, get ready for something incredibly wonderful.

Botso, I’m not sure how long Jim Dee will keep showing this film about local Morro Bay music instructor and scuptor from Georgia (Russia) but hurry and see it as it’s an inspiring story.

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4 Responses to Movie review . . . . Gravity

  1. Andrew Kincaid says:

    Not familiar with “Botso” (I’m sure it’s great”)

    • Botso hasn’t been released yet to wide distribution. It will be in the 2014 SLOIFF though. It’s about a gentleman who lives in Morro Bay and has been teaching music and sculpting since he arrived in America from Georgia (former Soviet Union). He’s amazing.

  2. Andrew Kincaid says:

    Gravity was fantastic – a new leap forward in 3D not dependent upon aliens. I was just bugged a little by the Chinese ship just happening to be hanging around so conveniently line of sight.

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